Degree Programs – Computer Science

Computer Science

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences

Semesters: Spring, Fall, Open
Duration: 2 Years
Cost: $12,000+
(Before Financial Aid)

National Avg. Salary $75,650
Job Growth Rate 9.5%

*From the Bureau of Labor Statistics website

Low = $45,300
Average = $75,650
High= $115,000

What Career Paths does this Degree Program offer:

• Data scientist
• Software tester
• Web developer
• Systems analyst
• Business analyst
• Product manager
• Network architect
• Software engineer

A Degree in Computer Science develops the skills and knowledge required to design, develop, test, and produce computers and their sub-systems. Students will be guided as they determine the need of a specification in a field such as business or healthcare administration and which specific certifications are needed for placement in the desired job in the field of computer science.