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CPA Credits

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CPA Academic Requirement Credits

Semesters: Open
Duration: 1 Year
Cost: $ 150 per credit

National Avg. Salary $70,300 Job Growth Rate 8.2%

*From the Bureau of Labor Statistics website

Low = $45,250
Average = $70,300
High= $110,500

The CPA Credits package services CPA Certification for Accountant pursuing Career Paths in:

• Public
• Private
• Nonprofit
• Governmental

CPA Credits

Standard Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree programs do not officially satisfy the total credit requirements for the CPA Licensure. For CPA approval a total of 150 credits of higher learning are necessary. Students may complete the extra needed credits (26) through additional courses/studies/degrees of various disciplines. TRIO provides a wide range of eligible course offerings for students to complete this requirement.