Degree Programs – Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies

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Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies

Semesters: Spring, Fall, Open
Duration: 2 Years
Cost: $10,000+
(Before Financial Aid)

National Average Salary $55,750
Job Growth Rate 6.1%

*From the Bureau of Labor Statistics website

Low = $31,500
Average = $55,750
High= $85,000

What Career Paths does this Degree Program offer:

• Graduate school
• Law school
• The business sector
• Work in government
• Teaching
• Journalism
• The ministry
• International human-services
• Work in museums or libraries

A Degree in Cultural studies will enhance your awareness and understanding of differences and similarities among people all over the world, including yourself. You will sharpen your skills in writing and research, critical reading and thinking, examination and analysis of literary expressions, social structures, values, norms, belief systems and historical perspectives across time, place and cultures on issues.