Degree Programs – History


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Bachelor of Arts in History

Semesters: Fall, Spring, Open
Duration: 2 Years
Cost: $10,000+
(Before Financial Aid)

National Avg. Salary
Job Growth Rate

*From the Bureau of Labor Statistics website

Low = $27,850
Average = $50,550
High= $70,150

What Career Paths does this Degree Program offer:

• Academic researcher
• Archivist
• Heritage manager
• Historic buildings inspector
• Museum education officer
• Museum/gallery curator
• Building conservation authority
• Secondary school teacher

A Degree in History is the study of the past, particularly as it has been communicated through writing. However, a degree in history does not simply mean that you have memorized a string of dusty names and dates. Rather, a history degree teaches you to draw lines of cause and effect through time, to interpret past events and documents, and to piece together disparate pieces of information into one coherent whole. As a history major, you’ll develop an attention to detail, the ability to synthesize ideas, and strong research skills, which will all be of value to prospective employers.