Degree Programs – Sociology


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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Semesters: Spring, Fall, Open
Duration: 2 Years
Cost: $10,000+
(Before Financial Aid)

National Avg. Salary
Job Growth Rate

*From the Bureau of Labor Statistics website

Low = $35,500
Average = $45,650
High= $62,000

What Career Paths does this Degree Program offer:

• State or Municipal worker
• Community development
• Further education teacher
• Higher education lecturer
• International aid/development
• Policy officer
• Secondary school teacher
• Social researcher

A Degree in Sociology might be the right choice for you if you love helping others, enjoy working one–on–one with clients, and wish to develop a meaningful and rewarding career. This program will put students in a position to work with a diverse range of people, helping them to navigate complex bureaucracies and access the assistance they need. Depending on your focus, you might work with children, the elderly, people with mental health issues, or those struggling with economic, family, or addiction issues. If you are socially–minded, compassionate, and want to make a difference, the degree can lead to a deeply meaningful career path.