How It Works

Take classes.
Pass exams.
Step into your future.

Here's how it works

Get Step-by-Step Guidance

Your dedicated TRIO advisor helps you choose the right courses, degree plans, and college partners to make the most of your educational plans. We’ll make sure you understand your degree & course requirements before you enroll — so you don’t have to waste a minute.

Click into Courses

Access your courses anywhere, anytime. Each course contains a series of educational videos from leading faculty that can be watched, paused, or reviewed as many times as you want. Choose from a broad range of interesting topics from the educators, speakers, and thinkers you already know and trust.

Take Your Exams

Schedule your online exam, whenever you’re ready. Exams are fully based on the material you just covered, and created by your faculty for fair testing. You’ll take your exams through ProctorU for automated scheduling, monitored test-taking, and verified results.

Transfer Your Credits Instantly

Passed your exam? You’re ready to go! As soon as your passing grade is processed, you can reach out to your TRIO advisor to get your transcript or quickly send over your credits to the college of your choice. Delay-free transfers mean you never have to wait around or miss your registration deadlines.


Earn a Trusted Degree

Complete your elective credits and up to 75% of your degree requirements through appropriate, sensitive courses on a range of Jewish Studies topics instead of traditional college classes.

Learn with Excellence

Each pre-recorded class is taught an exciting, classroom-style format. Watch lectures, review notes, and study for your exams without cramming or teaching yourself unfamiliar material.

Choose Your Plan

Our advising experts help you choose the degree that works for you - and the courses that will get you there as quickly, easily, and affordably as possible, without paying for credits you don’t need.

Save Thousands on Your
College Degree

With TRIO, you can earn the credits you need – at a fraction of the price. Our reduced per-credit tuition allows you to speed up your degree, up to 70% cheaper than traditional college courses.

Your Credits, Your Choice!

Looking to complete a degree – or just earn a few quick credits? TRIO lets you take as many or as few credits as you want or need. No commitments or requirements needed.

Our College Partners

TRIO partners with 1,500 top-tier colleges so you can graduate with a degree that goes further